Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mountain Climbing in the Book World

Though I have lived along the Gulf Coast for most of the past thirty-five years, I grew up in West Virginia and still think of those forested mountains with a wistful memory. My ridge running days have left their mark upon my soul.

I think of those mountains often in these latter days of my life when I have turned to writing. It took me over two years of day and night effort to write Parson Campbell’s Breakthrough and more than another year to get it polished and published. Each of these accomplishments was like scaling a literary mountain. But I don’t yet have the view I had in mind when I began the climb.

It’s like hiking in the Appalachians – always, it seems, another peak ahead of you. So, I’ve stopped just a moment to rest and enjoy an energy bar, and now I’m moving up the steep slope toward the third peak. It’s called “Mount Marketing.” I won’t reach my destination as a wannabe author until I attain the high end of this trail.

Give me a little push, if you can. Tell your friends they’ll surely want to read Parson Campbell’s Breakthrough. A guy named Bert Johnston wrote it, and he set it in the Virginia highlands.

Read a sample chapter at:
That site marks the top of your first foothill. Click on “Parson Campbell’s Breakthrough” and be transported to the order page at

Top of the world, friend. Great view.

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  1. Bert, I enjoy your blogs, although I read them in fits and starts. Your marketing plan is working well - today I shall purchase your book from By the way, the disc you gave me many moons ago with a primitive version did not come up on my computer - so you kept the lid on any early pirating! I am skipping church today since both Joan and I are recovering from some type of upper respiratory ailment (a swine flu feel-alike). Otherwise, we are anticipating an October move inot the new "palace - alias Bahama Place). Email, phone etc. will be the same. Mailing address will be 125 56th Ave, S. Bahama Place #1307, St. Petersburg,FL 33705. Love and peace to all! Hal.